What We Offer

We offer a full range of services for Alexa from Flash Briefings, to off the shelf templated Skills to bespoke Alexa Skill development.

Flash Briefings

The quickest and easiest way to get on Alexa. Ideal for when you have content that is updated on a regular basis such as a blog.

Quick Skills

We offer a number of Quick Skills that give us a fast and easy way to launch a custom skill for you or your company – a great value way to get on Alexa.

Bespoke Skill

A bespoke Alexa Skill based on your requirements. We will work with you to develop the Skill for the best user experience.

Our Technology

All our Alexa Skills are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to give you all the benefits of the cloud.

Secure by design – we follow AWS best practice on security to keep Skills secure.
All Skills are hosted on services that automatically scale in response to user demand. Your Skill will still work if it becomes super-popular!
All our Skills are hosted on serverless infrastructure spread across the world, so you can rely on your Skill being available and fast.
Using AWS means no large up-front server costs and no over-provisioning of hardware. Cost are based on what you use.
Need to add a new feature or service to your Skill? AWS means we can quickly provision the new resources needed at the click of a button.
We are AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builders and Cloud Practitioners, so you can be sure we know our way around both Alexa & AWS.

See Our Work

Racing Post

One of the top-rated Skills in the Sport category of the Skill Store, Racing Post lets users ask for results, tips, fixtures and the latest podcasts.

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The Soccerbase Skill offers live audio commentaries on football (soccer) matches and on-demand live betting tips on in-play matches.

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Different League

Listen to or watch the latest episode of Different League – a weekly football show from Racing Post.

View in the Skill Store

What A Shout

Listen to or watch the latest episode of What A Shout – a weekly horseracing show from Racing Post.

View in the Skill Store

The Sweet Spot

Listen to or watch the latest episode of The Sweet Spot – a weekly golf show from Racing Post.

View in the Skill Store

Grand National Quiz

A quiz with 100 questions for players to test their knowledge of the greatest race on the planet!

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Bramley Golf Club

Lets Bramley Golf Club members check the course status and weather forecast for today and tomorrow.

Find out more | View in the Skill Store

Partridge Quotes

Lets users hear a classic random Alan Partridge quote.

Find out more | View in the Skill Store

We are AWS Certified

We hold valid “AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder – Specialty” and “AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner” qualifications from Amazon, so you can be sure we are following best practice when it comes to producing Alexa Skills and hosting your Skill on AWS.

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Get in touch with us if you have any questions about our live Alexa Skills, the products or services we offer, want to get your business or organisation onto Alexa or just have an idea for an interesting and useful Alexa Skill.

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