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Demo News Story

This is used in a demonstration of how you can create a Flash Briefing from an RSS feed. See for more information and pricing.

Announcing the Surrey Hills Mountain Biking Flash Briefing

We’re very pleased to have launched our first Flash Briefing for Amazon Alexa!

The briefing gives users the latest mountain bike trail conditions for the Surrey Hills and the weather forecast for the day ahead directly into their daily Flash Briefing.

A Flash Briefing is one of the simplest ways to get content onto Alexa and particularly suits use cases like this where there is constantly updated news, forecasts or statuses.

We build all our skills using AWS’s serverless compute platform, Lambda, to ensure it is always available, scalable and secure.

This Flash Briefing uses a custom CMS for the admin to update the description of the trail conditions and pulls the forecast from a weather API. These two pieces of content are then combined into he format Alexa needs for the Flash Briefing and cached to improve efficiency and performance.

Due to the nature of this skill, we use the text to voice capabilities of Alexa, but Flash Briefings work particularly well with recorded audio clips too.

You can find the Surrey Hills Mountain Biking Alexa Flash Briefing in the skills store: