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November, 2018

Announcing the Bramley Golf Club skill

We’re very pleased to have launched our first custom Alexa Skill for Bramley Golf Club!

The skill lets golfers find out if the course is open, gives them the current course status & buggy policy and lets them check the weather forecast.

Alexa, ask Bramley Golf Club if the course is open.

The Bramley Golf Club Alexa skill checks the club website every 15 minutes to make sure the course status is always up to date and uses a weather API to give the latest forecast.

As with all our Alexa projects, the skill runs on AWS’s serverless compute platform, Lambda, to ensure it is always available, scalable and secure. The course status and forecast are cached on AWS S3 to ensure efficiency and performance rather than checking the club website or weather API for every invocation.

Alexa, ask Bramley Golf Club for the weather forecast.

You can find the Bramley Golf Club Alexa skill in the Skills Store: