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December, 2018

Announcing the Waverley Bins Alexa skill

We are very pleased to announce our newest custom Alexa Skill – Waverley Bins – which lets residents of Waverley check their bin day using Alexa.

Alexa, ask Waverley Bins for my next bin day.

Alexa will respond with the next bin collection date and the bin colour due that day.

Users can also ask Alexa when their blue or black bin is being emptied.

Alexa, ask Waverley Bins when my blue bin will be emptied.

The skill covers over 3,500 Waverley postcodes and takes into account the special collection days over the Christmas period.

As with all our Alexa projects, the skill runs on AWS’s serverless compute platform, Lambda, to ensure it is always available, scalable and secure.

The skill uses the postcode associated with the device to seamlessly work out the correct bin day. Privacy is very important to us and we do not store this or access any other personal information.

You can find the Waverley Bins Alexa skill in the Skills Store.

Support for using the skill is available in our Support centre.